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Remote Team Managment
We help esports team maintain optimal training conditions for players in a distributed and remote work environment.
Monitoring & Training
Monitor players' stress levels, sleep quality, physical condition and analytics of GOTV and POV replays.
Remote Assessment
Holistic view of a player gives you feedback on his potential, his peak form conditions, his weak sides among others.
Esports Competence Model








1/ Cognitive Abilities

We’ve identified various aspects of human cognition, that are tied with the in-game performance. What’s important, we have the capacity to measure the extent of players potential, and features of the abilities required for specific positions in team-based games like CS:GO and Leauge of Legends.

With those tools we can support recruitment processes. We shed light on previously unchecked information and confirm or counter human intuition which is still so important in the process.

2/ Mental Wellbeing

Understanding who are the people in your team is critical. We can show players where and how they differ from top professional sportsmen. We can spot potential conflicts between team members so the org can address them in advance.

The mental health is extremely important in professional esports as player must endure incredible pressure. We have methods allowing for early prevention of issues, so we can equip players with skills to help themselves when needed. Esports needs to take this path for its good and in the best interest of players and orgs.

3/ Sleep Quality

We all know how crucial the sleep is for human performance. We’re moving beyond general “one size fits” all approach towards individualized assessment and sleep medicine guidelines to improve teams and players skills in getting the best rest possible for given situation.

With similar approach as in mental health we can improve players skills and better coaches understanding of how game ready the team is – how much mental stamina the team has, and what type and scale of training/match duties players can handle. We use wearables to track not only sleep patterns, and physical activity but also for mood monitoring.

4/ Physical Health

It’s not only about physical health in general, it’s already known that rising fitness level is beneficial for players in many ways. That’s why we look at beyond the current horizon to build an integrated health management model.

We understand that players grow and there is an increased risk of posture defects. That’s why we focus on examination and functional diagnostic, including postural assessment, movement patterns. We give feedback about how to improve players comfort, reduce risk of wrist, hand, back and neck injuries.

5/ Tactical Abilities

The tactical abilities emerge chain of manual abilities executed to gain tactical advantage. Those features that characterize each and every player translate into outcomes like kills, assists, deaths or first bloods. We can support the team with information how to play to your players strengths.

Also, with this approach we can tell which player with which abilities and to what extend contributes to winning or losing a game.

6/ Manual Abilities

We understand manual abilities as abilities that your brain can automate to the level where you execute them without thinking, they become natural to you. Like lee seen ward jump combo. We all know people differ on how well they can execute it.

With our machine learning approach, we can extract those individual features to detect the deficits and link them to the limitations in tactical abilities.

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